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Krauthammer: United States – Celestial Referee in Libya’s Civil War

March 31, 2011 by
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By Brice Buckley (Editor-at-Large, Clarion Advisory) 3-31-11

Charles Krauthammer provides probably the best political punditry out there and is spot on once again in his assessment of Obama’s Libya policy; a  policy that lacks clarity and more importantly common sense.  Obama’s rambling Libya oration earlier this week was a speech like so many of his… hostile, petulant, verbose and unclear.  We, as a nation, while unclear and uncertain of our objectives in Libya are beyond perplexed with this president.  True leaders all share a common trait … they speak clearly and they do what they say and say what they do.  Obama says what he says and then says some more.  

Check out the following vid of Krauthammer brilliantly summarizing Obama’s Gordian Libya Knot … one in which the convoluted president has entwined the United States.  Krauthammer puts it another way… for the way Obama has jacked this Libya thing up, Krauthammer sees the U.S. as some sort of, “Celestial Referee” reffing Libya’s civil war. 

Celestial Referee… that goes good with “front end kinetic military action,” doesn’t it?


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