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Zoe K. Rips Boehner

April 10, 2011 by
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dece101100021 Zoe K. Rips Boehner

By Zoe K. (Associate, Clarion Advisory) 4-10-11

The facts don’t lie unless you want them to.  When dealing with numbers, statistical manipulation is endemic in the liberal ideology – A liberal political culture where the desire to implement regulations trumps logic and where the facts and data are bastardized to fit the implementers’ objective of control and then more control.  It’s all about implementing with the democrats and a few squish squashy republicans.  Unfortunately, a few republicans have even bought into the implementation bent; a diuretic bent satiated by regulating everything from light bulbs to caloric intake and everyting in between.  Regulating toilet paper usage will probably be next up on the liberals’ agenda.  

Given the vector of change the implementers of liberal are currently on, it wouldn’t surprise me if a future Czar of Toiletry was in the cards.  I can already envision the liberals crafting legislation requiring restaurants to include an Average TP Count on their menus aside each entree.  That would sure make sense now wouldn’t it if the objective were control through implementation.  If implemented however, I suspect restaurants would turn the lighting down real low…. staring at a menu with a caloric tag line pointing out the Yellow Tail Shashimi is rated a 5 TP wipe, may be bad for business.  

Business is something the liberal implementers could care less about.  They only care about the tax receipts, just give us taxes, a lot of taxes.  That’s what businesses are good for and only good for in the minds of liberals.  This leads me to what the purveyor over here wanted me to write on to begin with - the budgetary cyclone we are in.  The purveyor over here was in rare form yesterday - sending me  text messages wondering if Speaker John Boehner had been secretly lobotomized since the mid-terms.  

Brice Buckley our bona fide purveyor of low brow skills sets over here at Clarion was simply apoplectic over the GOP’s budget deal.  I’m personally guessing it was 2 parts apoplectic and the 3/5ths of gin Brice consumed up in L.A. that got him reved up.  Whatever the reason Brice was upset, be it liquor, bad sushi or a combination of both, I am in agreement that the GOP got played on the budget deal. 

A deal where there was no clear winner except for the fact the GOP failed to achieve anything near the $100 Billion in cuts they memorialized in their September 23, 2010 Pledge To America.  A sprite 21 page document with a whole lot of get up and go talk inclusive of charts and graphs supporting the main thesis that America is in a state of economic decline.  A decline that is close to becoming virulent due to the law of compounding numbers relative to debt and the fact more of it keeps being heaped on the nation each year.  The GOP efficiently and effectively enunciated the dire issues of debt and decline in their Pledge To America; this was the platform the GOP were to use to springboard into action. 

Well… now we fast forward with the GOP squarely in charge in the House under the installed leadership of John Boehner; the architect of the Pledge.  Speaker Boehner has seemingly shrunk in stature since becoming speaker while letting those whom the GOP defeated, the liberal democrats, frame the debate on the Hill and all over the media.  And while I certainly understand the media is in the tank for the liberal Dems, it doesn’t mean the GOP should throw in the towel as respects media messaging. 

Simply put, the GOP’s messaging has been dismal and on a good day, slightly less than dismal.  The democrats have dominated the messaging and the GOP under Speaker Boehner and company have been slogging around the Hill and in the media like a political amoeba of sorts, not getting anywhere fast and absorbing versus projecting and reflecting.  It is rather quite a scene considering the GOP were handed a mandate just some four months ago.  A mandate that was delivered through the grass roots mobilization of the tea party comprised of moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and people of all stripes brought together over the shocking governmental over-reach in Pelosi’s House.

Momentum has never been so squandered and Speaker Boehner has been the captain of this unforeseen squandering.  Speaker Boehner has positioned his mission around standard calculations and considerations.  Seemingly forgetting the Pledge and the fact the United States is operating completely against economic fundamentals wherein time is beyond short.  The calculus applied to every consideration should be the known variables of Time against Certainty.  What certainty you ask?  The certainty of a complete economic storm denominated in systemic collapse.National Debt 1115 Zoe K. Rips Boehner

Speaker Boehner’s $38 Billion in supposed cuts against a $14 plus Trillion national debt and $3.5 Trillion annual budgets and $1.5 Trillion in annual deficit spending coupled with compounding interest, is of no consequence.  For we are cutting nothing except a particulate of an excess on top of an excess on top of an excess.  Excesses that are not tethered to anything except how much more in excess they were year over year. 

Look at it this way, if we deficit spend by $1 Trillion per year with an additional $200 Billion (and growing) owed in annual interest payments with those in charge coming out saying they’ll cut out part of the excess that exceeded last year’s budget excess, you would probably laugh aloud and rightfully ask, “what has this achieved?”   The answer of course would be nothing.

Those who say the GOP’s $38 Billion ”cut” was a good deal are really only focusing on the word, “cut” versus the legitimacy of said “cut.”  When in truth, the “cut” is of no consequence against baseline budgeting and the law of compounding numbers. 

The numbers don’t lie and neither do economic fundamentals.  Crushing debt becomes virulent  and eventually cascades like a waterfall.  And once this happens, there is no way of getting out from under it.  This is where our nation and our Milton Bradley currency are heading, unless we immediately STOP DEFICIT SPENDING !     

I will leave you with the following graphs our blogging compatriot, Doug Ross posted today over at Doug Ross Journal:
110410 tax 010 Zoe K. Rips Boehner The federal budget is seriously, seriously out-of-whack.

110410 tax 020 Zoe K. Rips Boehner The debt ceiling will be breached in the next month or two.

110410 tax 030 Zoe K. Rips Boehner

110410 tax 040 Zoe K. Rips Boehner


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