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prancing political peacocks—on the cliff

December 8, 2012 by
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 canstock0179531 prancing political peacocks   on the cliff

By Bob Jentges (Editor Emeritus, Clarion Advisory) 12-8-12
If those in the private sector approached negotiating contracts or resolving lawsuits like the prancing political peacocks are approaching the ”fiscal cliff,” nothing would get accomplished and our courts would be faced with an even more unmanageable backlog!  
President Obama and the Democrats are stuck on income tax rate increases for the “wealthiest” 2%—which if agreed to would provide sufficient revenue to operate the federal government for about only eight day’s…with no cuts to entitlement spending.  Polls now show a majority support those positions—myopia squared!  When will our dysfunctional society realize have a spending problem, not a revenue problem?
Earlier in the week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a vote in the Senate on President Obama’s proposal to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”  It’s difficult to be sure if Democrats are for or against raising tax rates on the “middle class”—they have been on both sides of that issue!  It is becoming more obvious every day that the Democrats’ main objective is political, and deals more with getting Republicans to capitulate than it does with a good faith effort to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” 
Republicans should call the bluff, withdraw all previous offers, agree to tax the “rich”, take some entitlements off the table so to speak, all in exchange for eliminating some costly unconstitutional federal departments e.g. Education, HUD, etc., and leave them with the respective states and the people pursuant to the Tenth Amendment.  Moreover, HHS has more than 60 different jobs programs and the Department of Agriculture operates more than 240 subsidy programs.  Many of which could be drastically cut, if not eliminated.
If the Democrats reject the offer, and they certainly will, it should become obvious the only way toward significant spending cuts is at the bottom of the cliff when sequestration goes into effect.  Polls say that 2 to 1 the people will hold Republicans responsible–as they seem to hold Republicans responsible for almost everything that goes wrong—but that could very well end-up as a positive down the road.  
In a few months the main stream media, the people, and even some Democrats will realize the Republicans are serious.  Continuing to blame Republicans for higher taxes on the “middle class”, sequestration across the board spending cuts involving many popular programs, losing important defense contracts, etc., etc., will accomplish about as much toward solving deficit/debt problems as pounding sand. 
When/if that happens the blame for causing the problems just might shift to President Obama and the Democrats.  They might feel the pressure and be agreeable to a reasonable retroactive resolution early in 2013, including tax reform and immediate spending cuts—that is if they are more interested in the future of the country than they seem to be in satisfying the base of their political party.
So to Republicans I say, do what’s right and risk consequences, because the risk is worth the reward.


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