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political swagger scored in defeatism…today’s GOP

December 11, 2012 by
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By Brice Buckley (Editor-at-Large, Clarion Advisory) 12-11-12

It’s as if we have no leadership, core principles and strategy. 

Yes, that is precisely the philosophy of today’s Republican party brand.  A brand that carries a huge political swagger scored in defeatism.  Defeatism in its post-election calculations and, as some would argue, its half-baked pre-election calculations.

And if that isn’t bad enough…oh, and it’s bad… the Republicans now appear to be on hurry-up-offense in their present attempts at securing their own irrelevance and political immobility…. on all issues big and small.  The Republicans’ analysis is all over the board.  Being all over the board is unfortunately the only political thing the Republicans can seem to agree on of late.  Hey, raise taxes… you got it.  Hey, go back on just about every tenet of the Pledge To America and alienate the 2010 mid-term mandate…you got it.  So says, the current Republican leadership under House Speaker Bohenner.  The funny thing is, but for the Tea Party and the so called, “hay seed” fiscal “hicks” of the Republican party, Boehner would not be holding the position he does, nor would the Republicans control the U.S. House of Representatives.  The 2010 mandate is so yesterday… for today, it’s all about compromise so goes the political dictum under Speaker Boehner…and we all know how well Speaker Boehner can compromise his way into a wet paper bag.  Boehner would be in an office about 1/8th the size of his current Speaker digs save for the mid-term wave the Tea Party provided for the GOP smart set of Boehner et al.  But hey, at least the GOP is in control….control of what though, is the question many are asking.  Ostensibly, the GOP controls the House.  But, Boehner seems to have forgotten this minor detail.

It is no more about the efficacy of  limited government and spending and constitutional governance.  Nope…that’s all thrown out the window for the sake of calibrating the approach to ensure the new GOP is at equilibrium with the culture and its MTV mores. 

The narrative of collapse both economically and culturally speaking could not have a better sidekick than Speaker Boehner… I suppose.  Boehner as an unwitting character in Obama’s redistributive masterpiece is apart from being ingenious, quite novel.  But then again…what isn’t these days.


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