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on the new utopia

January 29, 2013 by
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By Brice Buckley (Editor-at-Large, Clarion Advisory) 1-29-13

Well, well, well.  Seems somebody here took a break from blogging.  While blogging can be fun, it can also be a bore at certain intervals like the current one we’re presently in.  Good grief, I can’t even make it past the second sentence here without incurring the grammatical infraction of using the words, “current” and “presently” inside the same lame clause.  Wow, a bit rusty am I, eh?  So if you can move past the grammatical redundancy (thank you in advance) let’s focus on the so called, “interval” mentioned above.  I would say this so called,  interval is simply an ironic expose of America at the dawn of its new social paradigm.  A paradigm where man is constructing an intellectual tower of babel where natural law and its sacrosanctity is being shaped as the problem.  

Yup, America is in a full state of  progressivism with a new found esprit de corps taking shape where the so called, esprit, as it were, is a viral thing gone all progressive on us.  Progressivism is the new smooth lingo of those whose brains excite with filial love of all things socialism…. and the corps part to go along with the esprit, well, the corps is the manifold of the new socialism called progressive.

I suspect there will be no need for history books in our new social paradigm as history to the political elite just gets in the way of the new utopia.   



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