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Undoing the Obamacare Clanger

July 2, 2010 by
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By Matthew J. O’Connor (Editor, Clarion Advisory) 7-02-10

time Undoing the Obamacare Clanger

We all know Obamacare was signed into law against the will of the people and was a product of accounting fabrications and inappropriate congressional bartering.  However, many are unaware that the Obama administration, in its attempt to further thwart the will of the people, is trying to take away the State of Virginia’s ability to proceed with their landmark case against Obamacare. 

Now . . .  how do you like them apples? 

Currently there are over 20 States that have filed federal lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.  Virginia is one of them and is also the State the Obama administration has chosen to go after full boar.  

Team Obama has filed a motion in Federal Court demanding Virginia’s case, and by extension all others, be completely dismissed.  On what grounds?  On the grounds that . . . States do not posses the jurisdictional standing and authority to even challenge Obamacare. 

Team Obama has thrown the book at the State of Virginia in trying to shutdown Virginia’s anti-Obamacare suit before it even begins . . . for they know, public pressure is building as America starts to comprehend the fraudulent and unconstitutional nature of the Obamacare disaster.  

Read Tina Korbe’s exclusive Heritage Foundation interview with Virginia’s Attorney General



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